November 29, 2020

Updated: December 10, 2020



Adar Butel, 21

Since Mar 1999

  • Interested in Software + Startups
  • Based in LA 🏖

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Writing Full Stack JavaScript at Hooked.

Since Jun 2019

  • "Stream"–lining menu and order management for merchants with Hooked Stream.

  • Helped release Hooked "Gold" for Deals to iOS and Android, enabling the company's first user monetization system.

Hooked Stream Hooked Deals


Built a Proxy Generator called LA Proxies.

Nov 2018–Mar 2020
1,000+ users. $100k+ revenue.

LA Proxies

Built a Supreme Bot called Chef Adar.

Nov 2017–Mar 2020
2,000+ users. $150k+ revenue.

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Chef Adar